Key Strategies for Promoting Your Blog

Here are some key strategies for promoting your blog:

Make sure your blog contains relevant and useful content. When people search the net, they are usually trying to solve a problem, find a service or get information. Make sure your blog has something unique and valuable to offer.
If you can't answer the question: "Why would someone want to visit my blog?" then other people probably won't be able to answer it either!

Update your content frequently. Blogs that are seldom updated don't rank very highly with the search engines. Try to add fresh content as often as possible and your rankings will improve.

Outbound links. Add a list of relevant links to your homepage or a separate "links" page on your blog. Carefully chosen links to other blogs can be very helpful to your visitors, and yes, you guessed it, these links will increase your rankings with the search engines.

Inbound links. And now here is the BIG one: Get other blogs to link to you!
This will bring you traffic even if you are not on page 1 with any of the search engines and, once again, it will improve your ranking.

That's it...
Short aren't it... ;p