Getting Other Blogger to Link to You

Getting other blogs to link to you is not as hard as you might think. Here are some ideas:

Find a site or blog that is related to yours and link to them. Then send them an email and ask them politely to return the favor. This is called a link exchange.
You are most likely to get a friendly response if you can show that a visit to your blog will add value to the other blog's visitors without being in direct competition to them.

So, for example, you might have a cool blog that sells dog toys. The selling point of these dog toys is that they prevent boredom and destructive behaviour in pet dogs. You could then link to some veterinarians, animal behaviorists and trainers who are offering a related service, but not actually selling anything themselves, or at least selling very different products. Email these sites, introduce your site and invite them to link to you.

The dog trainer, for example, might be happy for the referrals from you, and equally happy to have somewhere to direct her clients when they are looking for the perfect dog toy to stop their pooch from demolishing their favorite couch! Everybody wins, and your blog grows in stature and popularity!

If you have a Facebook or MySpace profile, post a link to your blog on it. Send out a post to your friends and invite them to take a look at your blog. This is a quick way to get some traffic from within your own network.

If you are selling a product or offering a service, sign up for an account on Craigslist and create an advert linking to your blog.

Participate in blogs and forums on topics relevant to your blog, and where appropriate, share a link to your blog.

If your blog is similar in form and function to a blog, join Technorati and post a profile of your blog. This is a great way for your site to get noticed.

Add a Digg button to your blog. Digg is a place where people discover and share content on the web. If someone likes your blog, they might just decide to "Digg it!"

Join StumbleUpon and promote your blog!

These are just some ideas to get you started. Always look out for places where you can place links to your blog. Just be sure that you are polite and respectful of other internet users when you do so. Only share your blog information when you have an invitation to do so, or when you know that those you are sharing it with would welcome the information.