Building Link For Your Blog Via Signature Link

Do you know method to build link for your blog?
Link exchange? I already know it.
TLA? Already know about it....


I find it when i go to some place which discuss webmaster related. This method is using link in forum signature at do-follow forum. Some forum is have do-follow feature and if you post a lot, that's mean you get many link for free , right?
That's the logic....

And there is some forum which allowed member to sell signature to people, and if we buy it, we can place our link in their signature. Do you think it's interesting if people doing 1000 posting per month and that's mean you get 1000 backlink...

Yeah, that is just a logic.
It's up to you, whether you try it or not.

And, what if your blog link in forum signature is not indexed yet...?

There's a number of different reasons, the two most likely ones are:

The site or the forum is not being indexed by Google, perhaps being stopped by the robots.txt

Googlebot just hasn't gone that far into the site to find these specific pages.

If the forum has lots of traffic, your site will have some exposure and eventually will drive traffic.

Google is really choosy about picking and counting backlinks to a site/blog. You will always find a huge difference in numbers being reported by Yahoo! and Google. Google has its own methods to pick backlinks but if that forum is being indexed in Google, your site still has chance.

Traffic matters more than rankings.