Bloggers, How to Get Traffic and Visitors

This tips is for the ones who use Blogger.com and need to get traffic and visitors for what they blog about.

1. The Address of your Blog
Choose a name which it's easy to remember, Flexible and have a lot of Tags in the Search engines such : free, online, help...etc it's a Words that are most searched in the net.

2. The content
The content of your Blog must to be Attractive, helpful, easy to understand and to reach by the surfers, the cntent have to be about a Passion you have for something, otherwise you will get bored to post a articles.

3. The look of your Blog
More the look is Clean , clear and nice, more the Visitors subscribe to your Blog and keep visiting it, link it and so on.

4. Search engines
In your Templates, add a meta tags (Keywords) like that google and other search engines Bots will always crawl your Blogs and spread it.

Google analytic is important also, subscribe your blog on it and go ahead : google.com/analytics .

5. RSS feeds
Use a free RSS submitter and economize Time , give your Blog a Voice and Burne it at feedburner.com .

6. Ping your Blog
Always, in the night, give 2 minutes before going to sleep :) and ping your Blog at autopinger.com they provide a very nice service and you get a traffic from them.

7. use Blogcatalog.com
Add friends, write a discussions and you will see the Result :)

8. Use Flickr.com
Add a photos according to your Blog content , and add your Blog address with http:// , it's allowed in flickr and you will get a visitors ;)

Goodluck ;)