Another New Way to Increase Your Blog Traffic

This is a topic which has been googled above thousands of times for people. From the answers from Google, most people can list a lot of ways, but the only pity is that most of these ways are similar and simple without detail description. They can be concluded in the following points: high quality and rich contents; exact blog site orientation; proper update frequency; readers' reply and alternation; search engine optimization; extensively link adding……We can hardly find any original ways or detail description within every 100 times search in Google.

So then in this article, I would like to share another brand new way referring increasing the traffic of blog in hopes that all the people who want to explore in blog field can get more benefits from it.

In fact, this way I am going to talk can be recognized as a method belonging to enrich the contents and forms of the blog to attract much more traffics, because the way is to install a flash video player on the blog to transfer as many as possible flash video files which related to your orientation to play to greatly attract your object visitors. To describe my idea clearly, I would like to take Moyea Web Player as the example.

Moyea Web Player can customize an excellent and beautiful flash video player that can play all Adobe flash video in formats of FLV, MOV, MP4, 3GP, 3G2, H.264 on any social sites including blog. The generated flash video web player can easily transfer any number of flash video to play both from anywhere online or local, so that your blog can play huge contents with a single player. Thus save the space of your blog.

Moyea Web Player is a fantastic program on customizing web player field, because the web flash video player generated by this software is not only a player that plays flash video files. Besides, the web player has many other functions that can help you attract your visitors. Firstly, the web player can add advertisements to play during playing flash video files, which can publicize any thing you like. Secondly, this web player allows you changing player skin from time to time from the amounts of provided player templates. Thirdly, the flash video player enables you easy to turn on and off the controls according to the customers or visitors convenience. Besides, this generated web player reserves user define area for you to add advertisements for your convenience. In addition, Moyea Web Player offers API to the generated flash video web player when customize it, which helps you access the online event from your blog. What's more, the program allows setting target URL which help you link to any website you like. Just as our imagination, all these functions listed above have potential to attract more visitors.

The web player installed on your blog would let your contents much easier to read and understand.

The flash video file contents are easier to get. You even can link the flash video files from other websites to play via the URL. Thus the blog project would save much of your time.

The contents are not only rich, but also the contents capability also becomes large.

The flash video web player beautiful and in good taste to attract visitors.

With the web player installed, the form of your blog would become much more beautiful and attractive.

I'm sure that nearly everyone knows the most famous video share site YouTube.
Just a small video share site but create the top 3 traffic rank in the world. Why can it achieve such results? What are they depending on? Besides free upload video, I am sure that more people visit there for rich video contents and forms share.